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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Simple Life

This also from the Federalist Patriot:

"As a bridge to the next century, we need a reliable source of energy that is capable of serving millions of people and doesn't emit fossil fuels." --Duke University Environmental Science Professor Rob Jackson.

We have that energy source, professor. It`s called nuclear. You guys seem to hate it worse than CO2 emissions. If you hadn`t fought tooth and nail against a nuclear economy we would have developed much better ways of dealing with the waste, and would no longer be pumping that dastardly CO2 into the atmosphere. People would be driving hydrogen cars, and the energy needed to make the hydrogen would come from the clean fissioning of U238. (Look Ma, no greenhouse gases!) The Mid-East would have returned to a sleepy backwater, we would not have had 911 and the subsequent wars, and Big Oil would not be a consideration. You fools had it all if you hadn`t been so pig-headed!

What people like Prof. Jackson really want is a low-energy lifestyle for most Americans (excluding themselves and the other beautiful people). They want a decentralized system using windmills and solar cells, measuring our energy output in Watts instead of Megawatts. They want us to be kind to Mother Earth. They want us to live a simple, clean, primitive lifestyle where we wash our clothes on rocks at the river, spin our own wool for clothes (which we will need since we won`t have central heat) and grow our own food. They want to return us to a mythical pastoral paradise where we can be one with nature. That such a paradise never existed is immaterial; they want it, and that`s that!

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a root canal at my local dentist. Although it was not much fun, I have to admit it was reasonably painless. It was painless because of the blessings of modern technology; the high tech painkillers, the state-of-the-art drills and equipment, the new materials used to fill the nerve-cavity, etc. One hundred and fifty years ago they would have yanked that tooth out. Seventy five years ago they would have drilled with a foot-pumped drill and poor pain medication, then filled it with Mercury (which is poisonous). Today I can keep my tooth, and can do it by spending under 2 hours in a dentist chair, with only minor discomfort. If professor Jackson wants to go back to yank-`em dentistry and a simpler, more miserable life, he is welcome to it!



Blogger TJ Willms said...

Some time ago, I heard about a situation in southern California where there are huge windmill “farms”. The environmentalist’s were screaming bloody murder about the gigantic windmills killing the endangered California condors. Younger birds would fly between the towers not realizing that the blades were turning and the giant blades would literally swat them from the sky. The windmill farms were renamed “Condor Cuisinarts” by the local population. The leftist / environmentalist energy policies are a never ending series of unintended consequences, they will never be happy.

6:04 AM  

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