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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sharia and the Iraqi Constitution

Is the new Iraqi Constitution going to bite us in the posterior? There are certainly some disturbing elements to consider.

It`s hard to imagine any legal document in the Mideast not mentioning the traditional role of Islam (unlike that Frankenstein`s Monster the EU tried to foist off on Europe which completely ignored Christianity) but if this document is to produce real reform, it must limit Islam`s role. After all, why are we there in the first place? We are trying to reform the regime to put an end to terrorism. The only way we can adequately reform the Mideast is to impose limitations on the political influence of Islam; rather like our ``seperation of Church and State`` here in America. Islam may advise, but not govern.

Ultimately, Iraq needs freedom of religion, and needs it badly. Islam must weaken it`s iron grip on the region, and that means it must become one alternative in a pluralistic society. The best thing which could happen to Iraq would be the growth of other, more peaceable religions inside of its` borders. The people of the region need to be given different ways of looking at the world, need to attain a fresh perspective on things. Islam demands submission (that is, after all, the meaning of the word) and will crush anyone who thinks differently if given the power. That is why the role of Islam must be reduced; it needs to become a competing religion. If it is given dominance it will destroy.

I fear recognizing Islam`s dominance in the Iraqi Constitution may be a serious mistake, born of political fortunes rather than need. Acknowledging Islam`s traditional role is fine, but this Constitution needs ironclad guarantees that Islam will not be master-otherwise everything our soldiers have fought and died for will be in vain.



Blogger Alnot said...

We are a constitutional republic but our forefathers wrote that our government was meant for a righteous people. We are doomed to failure should we not support the right people. One reason I believe the Kurds should be given Mosul and that part of the country and then supported by us. Should the Fanatics take over the rest of Iraq they will have a hard time conquering and recovering that oil revenue. Like Israel they will be a dagger stabbing into the heart of Islam.

12:23 PM  
Blogger The Truth Teller said...

Study shari'a law. It is incompatible with true democracy.

Freedom of religion is essential because it is impossible to separate Islam from Islamism.

The peaceful verses of the Quran were later repudiated in order to promote the establishment of the worldwide caliphate. Many don't know that fact about Quranic verses.

12:21 PM  

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