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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Tilting At Windmills

I love this; the Global Warming crowd has been making dire predictions of catastrophe for 25 years now, and THIS is the the best they can do? No wind for windmills? Oh, the horror!

I was under the impression that the icecaps were going to melt, and coastal areas worldwide were going to flood. I would think that the Dutch have bigger worries than a slowdown of their windmills. Much of Holland is below sea-level, after all, and a minor rise in ocean levels should make what happened to New Orleans seem trivial, by comparison. Global Gas Bags have been predicting the end of such places as the Low Countries and Pacific Atolls for decades. Now we`re supposed to worry about windmills?

How much longer are we going to going to keep taking this nonsense seriously? We have had the equivelent of a scary campfire story being treated as science for a quarter of a century, with no proof. We have been treated to sillier and sillier ``examples`` of minute changes in weather or conditions being trumpeted as rock solid evidence that the Earth is doomed, and we`re all going to die. How long are these people prepared to indulge their fantasy? Why should anyone believe them?

Windmills are, indeed, the perfect symbol of Global Warming; the Climate Change crowd resembles Don Quixote more all the time. At least the man from La Mancha merely tried to bring down windmills and not the entire world economy!



Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Global warming is fascinating.
At one time it can cause huge and deadly winds such as Katrina and then at nearly the same time cause dull and boring no winds for the Netherlands.
And who said there is no God?
By the way, using science just as good as Algore's (or better), I say we are going through a period of global cooling.
I have done extensive research since about July 18, and the daily temperatures did indeed rise, but now, now, please notice, the temperatures are on a steady decline, with a potential ice age likely around February 18.
Mark your calendars and mark my words.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Michael, you are such a perceptive man!

Based on your comment, I did a google search of temperatures in the northern hemisphere. You are correct; we are indeed in a global cooling pattern, and this cooling is happening fast. Ive noticed a drop of almost 30 degrees since August! At this rate, the Earth will be colder than Mars by spring!

We must act, and quickly, if we are to save the planet!

5:05 AM  

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