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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hang `Em or Enlist `Em

I was over at Twisted Steel, and developed Diarrhea-of-the-Mouth over Mr. Willms post about Tookie William`s execution. I decided to move the commentary here:

There are some crimes which require the death penalty, and no other punishment will fit. I find it interesting that such horrendous atrocities are committed in this day, when we have such compassion for the criminals. The death penalty, when it was strictly enforced, may not have stopped crime, but it did greatly reduce the really monstrous acts such as those performed by Tookie.

Redemption is a matter between Man and God; the State has a duty to Tookie`s victims to execute judgement. Actions must have consequences. (That is why the State has ``the power of the sword`` according to the Bible, for those of you who want to argue from religious grounds; the PRIMARY function of the State is to ``punish evildoers``.)

If the Left is so broken hearted about this poor, penitent man, perhaps we can offer a deal; we can create the equivalent of the French Foreign Legion. France used to take the scum of the Earth, train them (under penalty of death), and send them abroad to fight their more vicious enemies. Why don`t we do something similar? Make Tookie redeem himself by fighting terrorists. Of course, if he tries to run away he should be summarily executed.

We need more tough soldiers. We especially need men who can fight terrorist thugs in their own fashion, and who are expendable. An American Foreign Legion would allow us to free up prison space, and to give these low-lives a shot at real redemption by performing a valuable service to their country.

Discipline would need to be far stricter than that applied to the current military, and these soldiers could not exercise the rights and priveleges of ordinary American citizens. The Death Penalty would have to be ever-present and easily meted out, or you would have desertions and crimes. The French (fungal-eating surrender monkeys) were able to handle it-why can`t we?

This could be offered to death-row inmates as an option; either face execution or go fight overseas. It could be voluntary, to get the Courts off our backs.

I know it`ll never happen; the Left in this country would fight such a positive developement tooth-and-nail. Can you imagine the comments from Harry Reid, Turban Durban, Nancy Pelosie, et. al.? Can you imagine the rulings coming out of the 9th Circuit Court? Can you imagine the yellow journalism, the lies and spin from the MSM?

Still, if the Left means what they say, and truly wants to save these ``lost children`` then they should be willing to accept such an option. Any opposition by these sensitive souls would illustrate their hypocrisy, because this proposal offers a real solution to the problem. Alas, you know the Left!

We have but one option, at this point. It`s time for Tookie, and all the other monsters who prowl the world in search of innocents to devour, to meet their final judgement.



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Now the supporters of this homicidal maniac are threatening the city with terror if he is executed -- i.e riots. They all ought to be arrested under the anti-terrorism act and prosecuted for making those threats. I hope Arnold does the right thing.

9:45 AM  

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