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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Over at Neo-Con Command Center, Brooke discusses a horrible story about a school defending the rape of a mentally handicapped girl.

This is where the sexual revolution (and the excusing of Bill Clinton) has taken us; we can dismiss such moral evil with ``she wanted it``. Where will this all end? Perhaps we can use the mentally challenged as prostitutes to earn money for the school district? Kill two birds with one stone! After all, just because someone sufferes from retardation doesn`t mean they don`t have sexual needs! We can satisfy their needs, the needs of the men who will make use of them, and the state can reap a huge profit! I`m sure Bill Clinton would happily patronize such an institution-he wouldn`t need to rape a Juanita Broderick or grope a Kathleen Willy if he could ease his mind via uncomprehending women.

The Left has removed one foundation block after another from the artifact that is civilization. If one undermines a building`s foundation enough, the whole structure collapses. That is what is currently happening to Western Civilization, and we are all surprised at the barbarization of our populace. OF COURSE we are returning to a violent, depraved state; we created (largely throught Judaism and Christianity) a series of mechanisms to prevent a return to the ancient order of barbarism. Restriction of sexual promiscuity was one of those mechanisms. It was (rightly) understood that the sex drive, like fire, grows if fed, and thus such concepts as modesty, morality, and propriety were instituted to avoid inflaming passions best held in check. The Left came along,with their love of rebellion and with their pseudo-scientists (like Freud)to defend their corruption and dismantled the work of centuries. Now everyone is surprised at the horrendous acts perpetrated by seemingly normal individuals; rape, cannibalism, sadism, murder. How about the North American Man-Boy Love Association? By what right can these be restricted, if everyone has their own reality and there is no objective standard to weigh any action against? How can we find it objectionable to reap the whirlwind when we have sewn the seeds?

Expect to see more cases like this in future, as the efforts to ``end sexual repression`` breaks down all inhibitions-and morals.



Blogger Brandon_T_Stanley said...


Welcome to America in 2006.

Because of my young age things like this do not shock me. This is America! Land of Neitzche, Marx and libertines.

The 60s has nothing on today's generation. I am no paragon of virtue, and would not take up a pulpit to judge but the fact is that sexually speaking most have forgotten all rules

1:34 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

The Sexual Revolution is now in full swing. The story which Brooke posted made me want to vomit. I've worked a bit with special-ed kids. Preying on their vulnerability is a grievous sin, and making excuses for the predators is even more grievous of a sin.

7:24 PM  

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