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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The More Things El Change`

It appears the next government of Mexico will offer more of the same regarding the policy of invading the United States.

From the Evans-Novak Report:

Mexico: Chavez's influence is felt here as well. If the center-right PAN party candidate Felipe Calderon becomes President of Mexico after the July 2 election, he can probably thank Chavez's endorsement of his opponent, as well as his own smart negative campaigning and his ally, President Vicente Fox (PAN). The idea that President Bush, by holding forth the possibility of immigration reform for so long, has helped Calderon is somewhat shaky, very complicated and, perhaps, even conspiratorial.

Mexico has exported millions of its workers to the United States through illegal immigration, and illegal aliens in the States sent home $20 billion in remittances last year. That money keeps much of rural Mexico from disappearing. Mexicans, looking for a leader who will work with Bush for an immigration amnesty, could choose Calderon over his left-wing opponent, Manuel Lopez Obrador (PRD). But there is little reason to believe that Obrador would be less zealous or less willing to work with Bush.

Obrador, who holds a narrow lead in the polls, does not exactly welcome the Chavez endorsement. Whoever wins, he is expected to clean up and modernize Mexico's petroleum industry -- a vital step to improve the nation's economy and the Western hemisphere's oil outlook.

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