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Friday, June 23, 2006

None Dare Call Them WMD`s

Over at GOPUSA Bobby Eberle discusses the Pentagon report confirming large quantities of WMD found in Iraq, and the MSM`s determination to pretend they aren`t there.

That our ``free press`` would completely ignore something of this magnitude is hard to believe, but the media has become little more than a propaganda tool for the Left (Does anyone remember Bill Clinton hiding his brother Roger-who was a dope-dealing drug addicted embarrassment, and the press pretended he didn`t exist until after the `92 elections?) We expect this from the media; they are scorpions and will sting.

What doesn`t make sense is why the President conceded the argument early on, and these reports have remained classified for so long. Is the President trying to protect our ``allies`` who sold us out? Why are the Russians, Chinese, and French worth the trouble the Administration has faced, the embarrassment we have endured? Why allow the Democrats to demagogue this issue? (They have, after all, been privy to these documents, also-what is the threshold for treason?) Something more is at work here.

It`s time to declassify those documents.



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Thank You!

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Blogger Don Bangert said...

Did you see this article at

We Found WMD – and It Was Ours

This may be why the major news has stayed away from this news. They may be forced into asking where the Iragis aquired the munitions we found. (Insert picture of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Hussein.)

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