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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Hero May Not Be What He Seems

One never knows about the information floating around on the internet; there are so many sources, so many voices, that you can never be sure about the validity of a story, or expect to form a complete picture. As a result, we catch mere glimpses of things, and often do not see the reality behind them.

This may be the case with a story I recently posted from the Federalist Patriot; I posted a piece about a retired NYC policeman who entered a secure building using a fake Mexican Matricular card. The retired policeman has been lionized as a hero, and our security proceedures have been shown to be incompetent.

The only thing is, all may not be as it seems; I received an anonymous tip (I felt like Carl Bernstein) suggesting that this cop may not be on the up-and-up. My source warned that he is a rapid anti-Bush man who may have staged this whole affair to embarass the Administration! According to my source, Bruce DeCell was a corrupt officer and bad egg who has been pandering to the press, and who may be seeking some sort of political plum from the Democrats in return for a successful ``operation``.

Time will tell; if we see this affair demagogued, or if Officer DeCell turns up elsewhere, we will be able to decide if he is hero or villain. I hate to base my judgements of a man on the word of one individual, but sometimes one individual is the only voice of sanity. We must be wary.

Keep watching-time will tell.



Blogger Don Bangert said...

Your comment about being wary of posting on information that one culls from the net is very accurate. I've found that sometimes it's best to wait a day or two before commenting on a topic--especially one that's emotionally charged.

Basic instinct pushes to be the first to publish, while wisdom says wait to check the facts. It's a tough one to keep in balance.

7:57 PM  

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