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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Long Arm of the Axis of Evil

(From the Federalist Patriot):

"Axis Of Evil: A North Korean missile that could reach the continental U.S. is reportedly fueled and ready to fire. Pyongyang needs to know before it launches that the U.S. will not take a missile test lightly. The missile is, according to an anonymous U.S. intelligence source, a long-range Taepodong-2, which has a range of as much as 9,300 miles. That puts Los Angeles, a metro area of 10 million, within North Korea's reach. Imagine the needless human carnage if such a missile were equipped with one of the nuclear weapons the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is suspected of having. The fate of 10 million Americans 18 million, if nearby metro counties are included should not rest in the hands of a madman atop a rogue regime... What [North Korean leader] Kim [Jong-Il] needs is what any child needs: clear boundaries. The developed world, starting with the U.S., must make sure he knows that a missile test will be considered an act of hostility. Kim must be told that military action is always an option for the U.S. He seems to already understand this. Pyongyang has long said it expects a U.S. attack in which American forces will be 'mercilessly wiped out.' But mark that down as propaganda. If the DPRK really feared being on the receiving end of U.S. military might, talk out of Pyongyang, if there were any at all, would be much softer. Kim also needs to know that if he continues his nuclear arms program and insists on testing missiles, the U.S. and its allies will support both Japan and South Korea should they decide they want to defend themselves with their own nuclear weapons. Yes, that would contribute to nuclear proliferation. But the alternative is nuclear proliferation sponsored and supported by North Korea. It shouldn't take the nonproliferation crowd long to decide which one of those outcomes is better than the other."

Investor's Business Daily

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