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Friday, September 22, 2006

Spiritual Crimebusters

A hearty ``AMEN`` TO this piece by Deroy Murdoch, in which he argues that we are being far too nice to our friendly Islamic enemies. For example:

U.S. officials offered an olive branch of sorts to 190 top Taliban fighters last July. An unmanned Predator drone spotted them in Afghanistan, lined up virtually in formation. Given this golden opportunity to liquidate nearly 10 score of America’s most bloodthirsty enemies, U.S. military commanders balked. The Taliban members were at a funeral, and Pentagon rules of engagement prevent attacks in cemeteries. So, the Taliban forces casually dispersed. Military officials told NBC News they had “no regrets” about their decision.

The Taliban subsequently has hammered Coalition forces in some of that conflict’s most intense combat yet. They also showed no American-style mercy at the funeral last September 11 of Paktia provincial governor Abdul Hakim Taniwal. A suicide bomber used that occasion in Khost to kill six mourners and injure 25 others. The previous day, a Taliban suicide bomber killed Taniwal, his nephew, and his bodyguard.

When are we going to get it through our girthsome noggins that we are not dealing with prayerful men of peace, but with a spiritual mafiosa that will use violence, threats, and intimidation to get their way? This isn`t even the civil Vito-Corleone style mafia, but an out-and-out Al Capone religious gang of thugs. We are dealing with a vicious Mob, not a prayerful congregation.

I had hoped that Pope Benedict was stepping into the role of spiritual Elliot Ness, and was going to take this gang of religious criminals head-on, but the Pope has been retreating faster than Bill Clinton upon learning Hillary is home early. I`m sorry, but this Pontif was elected because of his strength of purpose, and he needs to stand firm in this battle; somebody has to speak for God and against these counterfeiters. That is the Pope`s duty.

A criminal enterprise, whether it be the Mafia, piracy, a corrupt government or governmental system, or radical Islam, thrives when good men remain silent, when good men cower in fear. Crime feeds on silence, on an unwillingness to shine the light of truth on criminality out of fear. Darkness rules where crime flourishes; moral and spiritual darkness follow in the wake of crime (or proceeds crime) and terrorism is the temporal act, the communion with the god of darkness who ultimately rules the Kingdom of Jihad. Just as Mammon ruled Capone and his gang, or racial purity ruled the Nazis, so too does violence and the lust for power rule radical Islam. Jihadist are button men for this spiritual criminal enterprise.

But it needn`t be so; if we stand firm, if we just say no, much of the power of Jihad will evaporate. The Pope had the opportunity to expose the crimes against Humanity which the conspirators of Jihad have purportrated, but he lost his nerve. It really is too bad.

What we need at this moment is a spiritual Untouchable, not a cringing lap dog.

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