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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bloomberg Buys Gay Marriage

Timothy Birdnow

It appears that Michael Bloomberg may have paid off four GOP state senators in New York to get them to support the gay marriage bill.

From the article:

" Now, after four GOP state senators complied with his request, Bloomberg has donated the maximum amount possible ($10,300) to their campaigns.

The senators — James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald and Stephen Saland — are all running for re-election and this generous infusion of cash will surely assist them in their campaigns. These generous donations may be only a drop in the bucket for a man who has billions in his own personal coffers, but they serve as something greater — a “thank you” of sorts for the four men who ensured victory in the tight vote (33 to 29) that solidified gay marriage in the state."

Ene excerpts.

The GOP should target these individuals in their campaigns; someone who would sell their vote on a moral issue is someone we do not need in a position of leadership. And of course Bloomberg himself may be difficult to punish for this, but a way should be found. He is a duplicitous man, a snake with millions of dollars.

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