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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sun Spree

Timothy Birdnow

The sun just had one helluva party.

Seems to me that before we pronounce our absolute knowledge over our environment - as the Gang Green and global warming crowd does - we need to understand how the sun works.

One of the biggest arguments made by AGW alarmists is that solar output is inadequate to explain the blistering 1* rise in temperatures during the twentieth century, but they completely ignore any details. They base it on TSI, total solar irradiance, but ignore that said radiance occurs at different parts of the spectrum at different times, and it ignores solar-related things like the effects of the solar wind on cosmic rays. This is another aspect of the sun that is virgin territory; what do magnetic effects do to the Earth's atmosphere? Can warming or cooling be driven by this sort of thing?

We just don't know.

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