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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Media Hostis Humani Generesis

Timothy Birdnow

Norah O'Donnell says Rick Perry is "unelectable" because he doesn't buy Global Warming and thinks Social Security is a troubled program.

Unelectable? Ronald Reagan would be unelectable using the media criteria; he didn't believe in Global Cooling, or nuclear winter. He (correctly) stated that air pollution can come from trees (and was mocked for that assertion, although it was correct. Reagan DID commission a study on global warming, run by Bill Nierenberg (who worked on the Manhattan Project and was Chairman, National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere as well as director of the Scripps Oceanographic Institute and Chairman, Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee, National Academy of Sciences) and while Nierenberg argued that global warming was possibly happening, it was hardly a crisis. Reagan listened to someone with the credibility of Nierenberg rather than alarmists like John Holdren.

(Go here to see Nierenberg's qualifications, along with other eminent signers of the Global Warming Petition Project. )

Reagan would never have fallen for this scam. He would have done his homework, learned that nature was not following the models and would have read through the CRU e-mails to conclude that a scam was in the offing. And Reagan was a political titan.

And anyone who thinks that Social Security was a wise program is daft. It was never guaranteed funding; there were no secure accounts established to guarantee the "contributors" money would be there. It was a fancy way for FDR to get extra money to spend on his New Deal programs at the expense of future generations. To question that is hardly some sort of daft idea. In fact, it has consumed the American economy like the creature in the movie The Blob.

The media has become a wing of the Democrat Party. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of an adversarial press, so much so that they enshrined it's existence in the First Amendment. What they failed to see was that through communications and technological mastery that a free press would become an arm of one particular political party and viewpoint. How could they? They thought that every small town would have at least one newspaper, and possibly more. They never dreamed that a cabal of statists, generated from the Ivy League universities and the other halls of power, would end up in complete control of the dissemination of information. They would have thought long and hard of a way to prevent that had they understood the danger to future generations.

And so our media acts as a political weapon against our own side, playing different members against each-other.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; we will not win this battle for the soul of America without wresting the media (or at least part of it) away from the liberals. Theirs may be a dying industry with the internet and alternative forms of disseminating information, but they still hold the power and we must start buying them up. The Koch brothers need to go into the television business. Fox news is wonderful and all, but it is still not OURS. Read or listen to any Fox news report; you cannot tell any difference between them and the other news outlets, despite the claims that they are right wing radicals. Fox has conservative news commentators (like Hannity or, until recently, Beck) but even then there are some big liberals there (Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Geraldo Riviera) and I see no reason why we should give balance to news on what is supposed to be OUR outlet. We've only got the one.

We need to start getting into the game. We need our own news corporations, our own news services, our own alternatives. Remember, the left even now has great control of the internet; the Huffington Post owns AOL, and any reading of Yahoo News or other such will show a staggering liberal bias. Yes, people can find our stuff online (for now) but the main pages are all liberal, and especially the young believe what they see. We are losing control of the internet as we lost the mainstream media decades ago.

So at least let us not pay attention to the Noreen O'Donnells of this world; they are our enemies, vipers sleeping in our own beds. I would call them Hostis Humani Generis "enemies of all mankind" because, like the old stateless pirates, their hand is against all that is traditional, decent, moral, and just. They think in unison of a new world order, a world run by the elites (which means themselves and their friends). They truly are the enemies of God, of freedom, of the American Constitution.

Let us not listen to them.

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