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Friday, November 04, 2011

Men's Warehouse joins 99 percent

Jack Kemp

This from Tea Party Nation

I guarantee it
Posted by Judson Phillips on November 3, 2011 at 5:24pm in Tea Party Nation Forum

George Zimmer is a familiar face on TV. He is the CEO of Men’s Wearhouse. He is frequently seen on TV pitching the suits his store sells. His trademark line is, “I guarantee it.”

I can now say with certainty, hell will freeze over before I buy another suit from Men’s warehouse.

Men’s Wearhouse in Oakland posted a sign on their store window saying, “We stand with the 99%.” It further announced the store would be closed on November 2 for the general strike.

The general strike that was called by the Occupy Oakland mob featured anarchists, vandals and hard-core revolutionaries. The main stream media, doing its best to give nothing but favorable coverage to the Occupy movement, showed footage of police officers arresting people, but showed very little else. They did not show the protestors with obscene signs directed towards the police. They did not show the signs that said, “Kill capitalism.” They showed almost none of the vandalism to stores.

Men’s Wearhouse is a success story of the free market that the Occupy mob wants to destroy. Perhaps in the ultimate irony, while the Occupy nuts are demanding socialism in this country, even Cuba is moving away from socialism. Today Cuba allowed the sale and purchase of real estate for the first time since the revolution in 1959.

Seeing Men’s Wearhouse support the far left is no great surprise. George Zimmer is a far leftist himself. He is one of the far left wing millionaires who call themselves “Patriotic Millionaires” who want the government to tax and take even more of the people’s money.

If the mob had its way, Zimmer would be broke and his stores would not exist. The far left is nothing if not inconsistent. While complaining about the free market, they call on their cell phones and tweet and post Facebook updates on modern laptop computers.

None of which would exist or they would have if the system they prefer, socialism were in control of America.

Zimmer has donated large amounts of money to far left candidates and Democratic causes. The free market he so despises has created his wealth and allows him to do that. The system he prefers, socialism does not allow the freedom to create wealth nor does it allow the freedom to support the candidates and ideas of your choice.

Zimmer wants his Men’s Wearhouse stores to support the Occupy mob. Fine, that is his right. Despite his wishes, this is a free country.

As this is a free country and I do wear suits, I will be buying my suits from Joseph A. Banks. I encourage all patriotic Americans to ignore the Men’s Wearhouse and not shop there.

Hell will freeze over before I buy anything else from Men’s Warehouse.

I guarantee it.

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