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Thursday, November 03, 2011

It could happen!

Dana Mathewson

I have long heard speculation that Israel might attack Iran to prevent that country's finally developing an atomic bomb. This speculation has been going on, I believe, ever since Iran was rumored to be working on such a weapon.

Now this speculation is heating up.

This article from Urgent Agenda says that "There is substantial, and informed, speculation in the Mideast press, that Israel is preparing for an attack on Iran." Naturally, there is no confirmation from Israel. But recent actions by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are, shall we say, "interesting."

FTA: "Netanyahu was scheduled to come to the United States within the next few weeks to address an organization, but abruptly canceled, saying he needed to stay in Israel for commemorations marking the death of the late Prime Minister Rabin. That is a pretty absurd excuse, given the fact that the Rabin ceremonies were scheduled months ago. Defense writers are speculating that the Iranian issue is the real reason for Netanyahu to stay home."

Something else that is interesting is the fact that "[T]he International Atomic Energy Agency is about to issue a report on Iran that is expected to be damning, accusing Iran of an active nuclear program with military goals. That is a departure from the conclusions reached by the same agency when it was under the corrupt leadership of Mohammed elBaradei, essentially a front man for the Iranian regime. The new director is Japanese, and a straight shooter. Some observers speculate that Israel will use the report as justification for unilateral action."

Also, "[T]he United States, while publicly opposing an attack, has supplied Israel with bunker-busting bombs that are ideal for an assault on hardened Iranian facilities."

I'd say this is a situation to watch closely!

Traditionally, when Israel stages an attack on another country, such as it did recently on Syria's nuclear program, it does so with no advance warning. I saw a comment to the effect on -- the person indicated (quite articulately) that with all the "talk" about this particular initiative, it most likely is just that -- talk. Iran's air force is quite strong, and Iran and Israel could do great damage to each other. Therefore it is quite likely that this is merely meant to put Iran "on notice."

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