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Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Question for a young socialist - and about Obama

Jack Kemp

I have been hearing accounts of Obama's recent speech in Kansas, how it was pure Marxism, his saying that American capitalism doesn't and hasn't worked - as he soon will jet off Hawaii on a big Boeing and riding in a fleet of limousines to a luxury resort. This is the same Boeing company that Obama's National Labor Relations Board wants to stop from moving a part of its operations to South Carolina. As I write, Rush Limbaugh is on the air taking Obama's speech apart as well or better than I can.

I want to add a small but significant example from my ordinary life a number of years ago. I believe it is quite instructive on an everyday level. In my face-to-face conversation, the intimidation factor of speaking to the Highest Official in the Land was not present.

One day in the mid 1970s, I walked into a frozen custard/snack store in midtown Manhattan in the East 50s, a neighborhood near major movie houses. I had a number of books on my arm from some course I was taking. The young woman working there alone, pouring the custard cones, spoke with a German accent and somehow decided, out of the blue, that she wanted to argue politics with me. She began by ranting that America was a country all about making money and how Europe was a "superior culture." This was decades before Muslims had settled in droves in Europe, changing its culture significantly - and long after the "superior culture of Europe" had placed a tattoo on my mother's forearm at Auschwitz. She was probably talking about Michelangelo, Kant and Nietzsche - and probably Marx.

I countered her at first mildly, stating everyone has to work and be productive to earn money. Then another thought entered my mind about her claim of "European superiority" - in another argument that left her standing there without an answer.

"You didn't invent European culture. It was easy for you to absorb as you grew up. What is YOUR contribution to European culture? Selling frozen custard in New York City?"

The same is true of Obama. As Rush Limbaugh and others said this Wednesday, what is Obama's contribution to America - driving up the unemployment rate? What has he done that shows a competency to lead this country and what qualifies him to lecture everyone else? His expounded a political philosophy that is bankrupting both Europe and the United States? That doesn't rate as expertise. After his stewarding almost three years of an economy worse than Jimmy Carter's, it is all like being lectured on drug use by Charlie Sheen. But at least Sheen, were he to lecture someone else - be they a drug addict or not - isn't applying for the job being their paid full time drug abuse counselor. Obama's drug of choice nowadays is massive spending.

Barack Obama is, once again applying for the job of President in 2012, a job that requires swearing to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Is there anything in Obama's speech on Tuesday in Kansas that states he upholds the Constitution's protection of free enterprise and private property with his calls for massive taxation and regulation from non-elected bureaucrats?

That Obama got elected the first time - and has a possible chance of getting re-elected in 2012 continues to appall me. One hopes that being out of work for two years or so and being told this is the "New Normal" will have a significant enough effect on those who voted for Barack's Utopia in 2008 to make them understand that Obama will appropriate their life savings - and their future - long before he does Warren Buffett's.

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