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Thursday, December 08, 2011

She Drank her Fill; Dana Loesch Departs the Tea Party

Dana Loesch, conservative radio talk show host here in St. Louis, CNN correspondent, and editor of Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism, resigned from the Tea Party, and I suspect this endorsement was the final straw.

Dana tweeted the following;!/DLoesch/status/144084045914046464

@DLoesch Dana Loesch
Yes, I am finished with the St. Louis Tea Party. Not keen on grassroots organizing under a candidate, even unofficially. Never will be.
6 Dec via TweetDeck

Dana was co-founder of the Tea Party in St. Louis, along with Bill Hennessey. It has been her view that the Tea Party should avoid the internicene battling of politics, but remain an outside protest group for free citizens. She always feared the Tea Party being subsumed into the GOP, becoming just an appendage to a political party.

She was angered at the Tea Party supporting Ed Martin for the Second Congressional Seat over her friend Ann Hathaway. I further suspect she isn't interested in Tea Party endorsements of candidates on a national level. She had given a raspberry to Tea Party Express for being in bed with the GOP quite a while back.

As Jack Kemp points out;

"Dana Loesch is now a media personality, appearing on tv and an editor at Breitbart's website. The co-founder of the NY City Tea Party left over a year ago to join a conservative organization in Washington, DC.

As Billy Carter said when they caught him being an agent for Libya (with no apologies), "I've got to eat just like everyone else."'


Jack makes a great point; it's hard for Dana to advance her career - something that is perfectly understandable and even noble in that she advances our cause - and continue to function as a high profile spokeswoman for the Tea Party. She did not trash the Tea Party, but merely pointed out a fundamental tactical disagreement between herself and the other leaders of the movement. She has always said that the day the Tea Party became active in supporting candidates was the day the Tea Party ceased to matter.

So we wish her well!

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