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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Flex Fuels and Flexing Government Muscle

Timothy Birdnow

Here is something flying in under the radar.

In a classic act of "bipartisanship" Republicans John Shimkus (Ill.) and Roscoe Bartlett (Md) join Democrats Eliot Engel (NY) and Steve Israel (NY) in demanding that auto makers design and build "flex-fuel" cars.

From the text of bill H.R. 1687:

"To amend chapter 329 of title 49, United States Code, to ensure that new vehicles enable fuel competition so as to reduce the strategic importance of oil to the United States."

Chapter 329 of title 49, United States Code, is amended by inserting after section 32905 the following new section:

‘Sec. 32905A. Open fuel standard for motor vehicles.

‘(a) Requirements- Except as provided in subsection (c), each manufacturer’s fleet of covered vehicles for a particular model year shall be comprised of--

‘(1) not less than 50 percent qualified vehicles beginning in model year 2014;

‘(2) not less than 80 percent qualified vehicles beginning in model year 2016; and

‘(3) not less than 95 percent qualified vehicles beginning in model year 2017 and each subsequent year.

End excerpts.

This bill is cosponsored by GOP House members Dan Burton (In), Bob Dold (Il), Tom Cole (OK)

This bill is mirrored in the Senate with S. 1603, sponsored by Maria Cantwell D-Wa, and cosponsored by none other than Richard Lugar, RINO of Indiana. and a number of Democrats.

It's Senatorial sister is S 1603, sponsored by Marta Cantwell (D-Idaho) and cosponsored by everyone's favorite RINO Richard Luger of Indiana.

The Obama Administration just completed a costly bailout of the American auto industry because they couldn't adjust to a changing market fast enough, and now our insane government wants to force costly new fuel standards on the entire industry. The lack of wisdom displayed here is astonishing. But more importantly, the tin ear of the GOP cosponsors of these bills is monumental; the Tea Party revolt should have awakened these buffoons to the fact that the public does not want increasing government involvement in such affairs, yet here they are, eager to work with Democrats to grow the power and scope of government at the expense of workers, investors, and taxpayers.

This also ignores the fact that the U.S. has been shown to have a hundred years worth of oil in the ground waiting to be pumped out. Why doesn't Luger attach an amendment to this bill opening drilling in ANWAR or in the Gulf? Tit for tat, yet our side always gets the tit and never is paid tat. There is no sensible reason to promote increased ethanol use when we have the oil right here. And to introduce such a measure at a time of high fuel prices and a weak economy is daft. This will only drive prices higher - both for cars and for fuel. Ethanol is more expensive than gasoline, after all. The only people to benefit are the corn growers.

But practical considerations aside, this shows the nature of our government. We are no longer a free society, but a command society with a command economy. We have a fascist/corporatist system in place, where everything is the business of government. Flex fuel vehicles are fine and dandy, but why is that any concern of our government? We simply must look at what the purpose and roll of government is supposed to be. Our government has become like the big ball of jello in the old sci fi classic The Blob; it absorbes everything. If America has any meaning at all, if America has any basis for greatness or purpose, it is in the Lockean concept of freedom, and the Adam Smith approach to economic freedom. Our nation was built on the roots of these Philosophes, and they built their foundations on Biblical principles. We cannot continue to reject this, or America will have no meaning at all. A nation without meaning, without purpose or roots, is doomed.

And we cannot afford to play these games any longer.

Every Republican involved in this dastardly project should be primaried and kicked out. Their names should be Ichabod (the glory has departed) an evil byword, and they should end their days selling Chevy Volts and flex-fuel vehicles from sleazy used car lots (where they belong).

Richard Luger is being challenged by Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock on Super May 8. Anyone who would like to donate may visit his website here.

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