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Monday, March 07, 2005

U.N. Quilt Social and Sexual Revolution

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At a U.N. ``Womens`` Conference the U.S. delegate was booed for advocating sex-ed which emphasized abstinence. Tell me, why are we even participating in this exercise in stupidity? What I find really amazing is that we tabled our anti-abortion amendment to make this collection of Madame Defarge Old Biddies happy.

Why should the United States acquiesce to these demands? I seem to remember that Ronald Reagan, when asked to sign the Law of the Sea Treaty, refused because his election meant a new start for America and he was not going to sign a flawed treaty just because a bunch of blathering bags of gas had talked about it for a decade. Reagan was right; no treaty was better than a bad treaty. Just because a bunch of diplomats have been working on it does not mean we should accept it. The U.S. should have walked out of this conference rather than allow itself to be jerked around by these Margaret Sanger wannabees. We have the right to not sign anything we don`t agree with.

Once again, we see the United Nations for what it really is-anti American, anti-religion, pro-liberal. Why should we give in to their demands? The U.N. has lost any worth or credibility it had; it`s time to bid them a fond adieu.

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