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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Indonesian Connection

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Indonesian courts have sentenced Abu Bakar Bashir, radical Muslim cleric and conspirator in the Bali bombings, to two and a half years in prison. One would expect such a light sentence being handed down in San Francisco or Boston, but Indonesia is not known to be so forgiving. The fact that he just received a slap on the wrist proves that Indonesia is not really in our camp, and that the Indonesian government cannot be relied upon to fight the War on Terror. In fact, Indonesia bears watching as a possible terrorist host in the future.

Indonesia funneled a great deal of money to Bill Clinton`s reelection fund in 1996 (remember the Lippo Group?) A foreign power does not make heavy contributions to a political campaign for no reason; exactly what kind of influence were they buying? Were there certain, shall we say, indiscretions, overlooked by both parties? The former members of the Clinton Administration have engaged in some very questionable behaviors regarding the 911 Commission. They saw to the appointment of Jamie Gorelick on the committee to immunize her against testimony. Sandy Berger was caught stuffing documents down his trousers (thank God it wasn`t Clinton doing that-we`d have to burn them!), etc., etc. The Clintonistas behave as if they have something to hide. Now, what do you suppose that could be?

Perhaps it`s time to take a closer look at Indonesia.

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