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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Tide is Turning

Osama bin-Laden is asking al-Zarqawi to launch >attacks inside the United States. What can we learn from this? One simple answer; we are winning.

This should come as no surprise since we are now witnessing rebellion in Lebanon and reform in Egypt and even Saudi Arabia. These are the tell-tale signs that the tide is turning in Iraq; the Jihadists are fleeing before us and the average citizen is confident enough in us to stand up to their oppressors. Still, the Mainstream Media and the lunatic fringe in this country paint the war as a quagmire and moral evil. For example, in >Vermont we witness the ridiculous spectacle of peaceniks still fighting against the War. It seems that the only ones who haven`t yet gotten the picture skulk about in the shadows of the American left, and the MSM.

Why is Bin-Laden pressuring Al-Zarqawi to attack inside the U.S.? Why did the Germans attack the bulge in the Allies lines during WWII? Why did the Viet Cong launch the Tet offensive? These are desperate attempts to break free from the noose around their necks. The Battle of the Bulge led to the end of German resistance. The Tet offensive would have done likewise had it not been for the media distortions and the radical political climate of the times (we know this because declassified Vietnamese documents show that the Viet Cong believed they were finished). It is hardly surprising that Bin-Laden wants an attack inside the United States; what is interesting is that it was Bin-Laden who predicted that we would be flee with our tail between our legs if confronted with casualties. His strategy has been an abominable failure and now he is hoping to regain the initiative with an attack here. This is a call of desperation.

Victory is in our grasp! On to Iran!



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

On to Iran is right -- read Publius Pundit and you'll see that freedom is busting out all over the globe -- it's phenomenal -- Nepal -- Burma -- Kyrzystan, Uzebekistan, Moldova, along with Lebanon, even the Palestinians are getting the message. Of course they've lost, have you ever heard such a desperate cry -- waaa, mommy, will somebody please do something? In some ways Bin Laden's big success also led to his inevitable downfall. He overplayed his hand with the spectacular 9/11 attacks. He can't really just engage in petty little suicide bombings in - he's got to top himself -- and that's proving hard to do since Bush has been systematically decimating - in the old sense of the word - his troops -- even more than decimating. He made the mistake the Japanese did - he woke the Sleeping Tiger -- and Tony the is one hell of a mad cat when he gets going. Good to see you back and blogging.

7:30 PM  
Blogger StaticNoise said...

On the Iran issue - proceed with caution. I think subversion, covert ops, student uprisings and the sort are the way to go in Iran. We have already brought out the big stick in Iraq and the other children have taken notice... Don't think Iran doesn't feel 'ol Dad breathing downs his neck. Iraq was not the home of Islamic fundamentalism that Iran is, we don't want to wake up muslim patriotism there by dropping bombs.

9:35 AM  

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