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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Missile Defense, EMP, and Coca-Cola

As many of you know, North Korea has been planning to test fire a long-range missile, and the United States is threatening to shoot it down with our spiffy new ABM system. Star Wars may have it`s first test against the Death Star.

The question arises; why is the U.S. threatening to do this? North Korea has made all sorts of crazy threats in the past, and America generally remains silent-much like an overindulgent parent treats a misbehaving child. The fact that we have activated our new system, and are threatening to use it, suggests there is more to this than meets the eye. What could that be?

EMP, that`s what that could be. North Korea`s missile systems are reaching the point where they can move beyond California, reach into the interior of the Nation. That alone is dangerous, but the danger lies not in the cities that Kim Jung Il could destroy, but in the SYSTEMS he could bring down. Every atomic detonation produces a three pronged magnetic affect, and these magnetic emanations destroy our more sensitive computers and microchips. A ground-level explosion would naturally limit this, but a high atmospheric detonation would spread the Electromagnetic Pulse literally across the country.

Everything which uses electronics would stop. The power grid would go down, our drinking water plants would stop. Gasoline would be unavailable because there would no longer be power to pump it, but that wouldn`t matter overmuch, since most cars have microcomputers which would no longer function. Planes would be unable to fly without any instrumentation, trains would no longer be running. As a result, food would stop moving through the country. That, too, wouldn`t matter because there would be no cash registers, no refrigeration, no loading dock equipment. Essentially, the United States would return to a 19th century technology in a matter of minutes after an EMP attack.

We have become too dependent on electronics in this country, and the sudden destruction of them would leave America in chaos. I doubt the National Guard would be able to do more than secure select areas; the rest of the 300 million of us would be forced to fend for ourselves-with no food, water, mobility, or protection. Everybody would be wandering in search of food and water-and those with the physical power to take would not face any restraints.

Now, this is a worse-case scenario, and the government has been working on this problem for a number of years. There are ways to shield electronics from an EMP, and I am certain that the military, at least, has done that with their systems. Unfortunately, too many civilian systems are vulnerable, and their destruction would be catastrophic. I hope there is a plan in place...

THAT is what I think the U.S. suspects North Korea is plotting, with the complicity of the Red Dragon-China. North Korea is a proxy state for the Chinese, and they could control the Il one if they wished. The sad fact is, China has been preparing for war against us for years, believing that we would inevitably fight, while America has been greedily selling them Coca-Cola and buying cheap manufactured goods. This situation illustrates that Free Trade is not the panacea that we have often been told it was; China`s tyranny EVOLVES as a result of it, but does not end. We have truly been selling our enemies the rope with which to hang us.

Are we prepared to launch our birds if North Korea attacks us with EMP? Will we fry just Korea, or will we hit China also? South Korea will try to stop us, Japan likewise (since they will have to live with the fallout.) Do we have the will to destroy a nation and kill millions because they destroyed our infrastructure? This may be the decision we will have to make.

THAT is why the development of a missile defense was so important; we can threaten to shoot down North Korea`s missiles before we are forced to such a cataclysmic decision. Had we not proceeded with Ronald Reagan`s vision of a defensive system, we would now be at the mercy of the Chinese/North Korean axis. Our only option would be tantamount to genocide.

Still, the enemy need only detonate one nuke in the upper atmosphere above our country to destroy us. We cannot stop them indefinitely; something must be done about North Korea, and about China. It`s time to wake up to the fact that, along with radical Islam, we have serious enemies. The Chinese have been preparing for war against us-it`s time we returned the favor. The fall of the Soviet Union meant the end of only one communist enemy. We are going to have to finish the job-or perish.



Blogger Always On Watch said...

I can't believe that I hadn't thought of EMP!!!

7:15 AM  
Blogger Brandon_T_Stanley said...

Look into Molecular Nanoweapons. Lev Navzorov(I hope I spelled that correctly). It may be paranoid musings, but better paranoid than dead.

North Korea is straving itself to death. China is the problem. It has discarded Marx and Mao fora new type of hyper-patriotic Han Fascism. It is much more dnagerous. Just ask any Tibetan

10:58 AM  
Blogger Mattias A. Caro said...

Tim, I usually follow you, but I just don't think so on this one. Red China military aspirations could be a long and drawn out discussion, but in the Chinese Chess game it's probably in their best interest that North Korea stay in its box. Chinese interest in North Korea is probably ultimately in containment. They don't need us over there taking care of this problem any more than they need a North Korean war destabilizing the entire Asian basin. Any Chinese involvement in North Korea would be aimed at maintaining stability.

Moreover, the technological edge sounds scary but it also sounds a little farfetched. We think the Koreans can reach California, but those are also worst case scenario estimates.

Our foreign policy is more proactive than reactive. I think the right reading on turning the shield on is two fold: a) it's a sign by the Administration to the North Koreans, bring it on. It ups the ante with the hole international community that we mean business and we're going to call sometime dictators on the table. b) the only effective weapon NK has is posturing. By turning on the ABM shield we're effectively taking the most capable weapon-, that of projecting power, out of the North Korean arsenal.

Also, I may be wrong, but I believe the defense appropriations were marked up two weeks ago and are set for votes soon. This also may be a political ploy to maintain and increase funding (and political muscle) on the ABM shield.

3:56 PM  

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