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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Nafta Road and Road to Darkness

There are a couple of great posts at Ultima Thule (actually, every post is a great post at UT) which deserve your attention. First, read about the Nafta Superhighway which the Bush Administration is quietly proceeding with. (President Bush seems determined to have an aunschluss with Mexico.) Aussiegirl has posted a number of articles which are suggestive of such a thing-try reading through her recent archives.

She also has a terrific piece on multiculturalism and the death of American freedom in which she makes a running commentary on a piece from The Gates of Vienna blog. It is a masterful piece-don`t miss it!

Everything at Ultima Thule has been outstanding of late (and always); Aussiegirl has some terrific posts on science and philosophy, as well as current events. Be sure not to miss anything!



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Gee Tim, (blush) thanks for the unsolicited and complimentary comments (psst -- the cash is in the mail in a plain manila envelope in unmarked bills suitable for wrapping in aluminum foil and placing directly in freezer :-)

Thanks for the link!!!

12:02 PM  

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