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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Infidelity and the Single Putin

The Russians intend on sending 300 military engineers to Lebanon, but under their own command rather than under the auspices of the United Nations. While I generally favor cutting the U.N. out of most operations, this situation makes me very suspicious; why do the Russians need an independent engineering corp on the ground?

Haven`t we heard that Saddam shipped his WMD stockpile to the Bekka Valley? Doesn`t it seem strange that the Russians, who had illicit intercourse with Saddam, then opposed the United States bitterly to cover up their little affair, are now going into Lebanon unilaterally?

What types of engineers are these? What is their training, their background?
I wonder if they know anything about the handling of extremely dangerous materials?

Could it be that our good friends from the North have ulterior motives? Imagine what would happen if those weapons turned up in Lebanon; President Bush would be vindicated before the world, and everything we have done in Iraq will have been justified. Now who stands to lose from this?

Who violated the U.N. sanctions against Iraq, who knifed us in the back when we tried to get the U.N. to authorize an invasion? Who has fought us every step of the way?

The French volunteered to lead the U.N. mission, now the Russians are planning unilateral action; suggestive, no?

It`s time the United States find some new friends.

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