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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kinder, Gentler War

Some good common sense at the American Thinker (as always) about the NIE leak and the War in Iraq.

Look, we CANNOT hide from this war; it doesn`t matter whether you agreed with going into Iraq or not-we are there, and it is the central front in our world struggle against Jihad. Far too many people in this country believe we can pull out and all of our troubles will go away-they absolutely will not! We were attacked repeatedly without response during the `90`s, which emboldened our enemies. They aren`t just attacking us; look at places like Bali, the Phillipines, Spain, Russia, etc. This is a worldwide conflict, and only one of us will be standing when this is through. The Jihadists are determined to force the yoke of Islam around our placid fleshy necks, and too many in America and the West are willing to accept that, or just don`t believe it can happen. Take a good, hard look at history, if you believe that!

Wars are won by killing the enemy, and we just aren`t killing enough. We will never win with the likes of John McCain and his Democrat buddies, with the mainstream media trying everything they can to undermine ``Mr. Bush`s War``. This isn`t Mr. Bush`s War, it`s America`s War, and it`s high time we all start acting like it!

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