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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Killing Us With Kindness

You have to get a kick out of this from Jihad Watch:

TEHRAN, Sept. 25 (MNA) -- Most Western jurists know that reason and wisdom are the main sources of Islamic jurisprudence, Imam Sadiq Institute Director Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani said on Monday in an open letter addressed to Pope Benedict XVI.
Normally, monarchs and tyrants refer to clergymen to legitimize their rule over the people. But now the opposite has happened, in that a religious leader has referred to the words of a medieval emperor to legitimize his own ideas, and thus accused a great community of ignorance and irrationalism, the senior member of the Qom Seminary’s Council of Mujtahids stated.

Sobhani added, You have in fact defied the text of the Bible, in which Jesus (AS) says: ‘Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.’

You shouldn’t have based your words on a medieval emperor’s sayings.

He explained, Islam uses the appealing term of jihad, not massacre. Jihad means effort to save mankind from idolatry Before, some tyrants did not allow preachers to promulgate their divine religion and used to kill the believers. Islamic jihad was meant to pave the way for the divine religion to be genuinely presented to the people...."

What wonderfully self-serving reasoning! You are raping that virgin to save her from a life of sexual ignorance, or you are carjacking that guy`s BMW to teach him the virtues of long-suffering! You`re a public benefactor, you are!

They`re killing us with kindness!

Gee, it`s nice to know that those two newsmen who were forced to convert to Islam were not in any way coerced, and that they are free to renounce their newfound faith at any time!

I loved Sobhani`s quote from the Bible, too; Muhammad made himself both Caesar and the Prophet (dandy trick, that) and demanded all things be rendered unto himself. Jesus was trying to make the distinction between things of the Earth and things of Heaven, which hardly forbade those of the Earth-be they Caesar or whoever-from thinking about and discussing things of Heaven.

That the Ayatollah`s friends want to stifle the Pope`s words with weapons of war (come, let us reason together, or I`ll knock your teeth out!)hardly support his argument that reason and wisdom are the source of Islamic Jurisprudence, nor does the code of Sharia which, among other things, provides for the execution of a woman if she is raped and cannot cry out for help (she must have wanted it!) or that a Muslim man may bushwack a peaceable unbeliever and make slaves of his wife and children. Reason and Wisdom? When Costa Nostra operates prostitution rings or kills rival gang members we are outraged! Sharia legitimatizes acts which make the Mob`s crimes pale in comparison-and it suggests that these crimes are blessed of God.

But don`t complain, or the Ayatollahs and Mullahs may make you an offer you can`t refuse!

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