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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hillary is Obama in Drag

Jack Kemp

There has been a lot of dreamy talk by Democrats of having Hillary replacing Obama at the top of the Democratic Party Presidential ticket. But there are some serious barriers that won't be easy to overcome.

Hillary wrote her college thesis on the Black Panthers and was part of team that defended The New Haven Nine in the murder case of a suspected Black Panther informer. Hillary is a wannabee black leftist. She interviewed Saul Alinsky while in college. Now she IS Obama's foreign policy towards Egypt, Libya, Israel, Poland, Tiawan, Columbia, etc. As Secretary of State, she impliments - if not co-writes - Obama's foreign policy.

Jeff Carter spells it out at Here is the link and the first few lines of his piece:
Hillary Equals Obama
Jeff Carter

Democrats are scrambling. What must their internal poll numbers look like? Today in the WSJ, two Democratic pollsters said that for the good of the party, Obama must not run again. Even far left wing opinion leader Chris Matthews got a tingle and criticized the President.

Many Democrats are crying out for Hillary. The problem is, Hillary is Obama. She was an integral part of his administration-both foreign policy and domestic policy. Going back to 2008, what was different in her platform than Obama’s? She would have had the same advisors. She wanted universal taxpayer health care. She would have been for Dodd-Frank, and all the spending. Nothing would have been different.

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