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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Imposing Islam in Green Bay Schools

Jack Kemp

Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs website has a link to this article - and shocking photo of little American kids walking by Somali Muslim children praying near a school stairway landing. Would a public school make such an accommodation multiple times a day for a Christian or Jewish prayer group? I doubt it.

Here's a quote and the link. Go to the web page to see the photo, if it isn't reproduced here.

Four Muslim students at Keller Elementary School in Green Bay quietly slip out of class or recess each day at about noon to pray in a tiny alcove of the school. For five to 10 minutes, the group of girls is not distracted by students who walk nearby.

"We do it because our parents want us to," fourth-grader Ayan Artan said. "It's important."

The students are part of a growing Somali population in Green Bay. And as that population grows, schools are trying to accommodate the strict prayer schedule for the students, many of whom practice Islam, educators say.

A few local residents have approached the Green Bay School District with concerns about the prayer time in schools. They worry the time in prayer takes away from learning and uses school resources to accommodate religion.

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