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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Fall of the Center

This was sent to me by Joe at The Southern Agrarian. It dovetails with my AT piece nicely:

Chapter 2
Bolsheviks at the Door

"Things fall apart; the centre can not hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,"
William Butler Yeats,
From "The Second Coming,"
The Poems of W. B. Yeats: A New Edition

The Sniveling Class is the modern Democrat Party and its Grand Coalition of Appeasers, Educationalists, Environmentalists, Feminists, Great Technocrats, Great Stereopticon, Homosexuals, Nihilists, Racialists, and Unionists.

The primary purpose of this coalition is to institutionalize a ‘progressive,’ more enlightened American based on their vision of comfort - socialist poverty under the management of the Democrat Party. Their sworn enemy is conservatism or classical liberalism. Classical liberalism is the avowed enemy of ‘progressivism’ because it provides the heritage (roots) underlying American culture and values, or the ancient regime. The Grand Coalition’s strategic purpose is to always discredit conservatism as incompetent and intellectually bankrupt at every opportunity. Tactically, they seek to accomplish their strategic purpose by tying their super theory of incompetence and bankruptcy to super events. This is especially beneficial when the super event can be portrayed as a failure, as in the case of Katrina.

One of their tactics is to always blame conservatives and conservative government when conservatives are in charge of managing of government. Conservatives are always at fault because they do not believe in government to begin with. At the heart of all these battles are two central factions - the modern Democrat Party and the Great Stereopticon. The Grand Coalition seeks a correlation of forces tailored for each battle. This correlation is always predicated on the issue they are opposing or advocating for at the time. For example, there is a rote portrayal of any conservative (originalist) judicial appointee as an evil man (woman) by the correlation of Democrats, Nihilists, Feminists, Homosexuals, and the Great Stereopticon in opposition.

The attacks carried out by this class of people and the way in which they are conducted are instructive in understanding the forces composing this class of people, what their priorities are, their linkages, and their mind set.


The Appeasers are the class of people who would rather negotiate with America’s enemies in the attempt to prevent trouble. They believe the nation’s foreign policy should only pursue the settlement of international quarrels by admitting and satisfying grievances through ‘rational’ negotiation and compromise, rather then resorting to armed conflict which would be expensive, bloody and possibly dangerous. To this faction, they are the ‘owners’ of peace and everyone else is a warmonger. They believe fighting terrorism is a matter for law enforcement and intelligence. The appeaser would give into the terrorists, and hope that they will stop killing innocents around the world. That was the approach Clinton took in the 1990s toward terrorists in the Middle East, Colombia, Israel and Northern Ireland. Appeasers like to present themselves and their policy as rational, conciliatory, thoughtful, and nuanced. As Neville Chamberlain demonstrated in the 1930’s, negotiating with terrorists tends not to be any of those things – it simply encourages more terror and evil.

The Educationalists portray themselves as the only ones capable of managing the business of the academy from the kindergarten level up through the university. Like all other factions of the Sniveling Class, they believe themselves the owners of education. The educationalists’ charge is to lead a nihilistic rebellion against distinction and hierarchy. They repudiate knowledge and objective truth for political correctness, radical egalitarianism and indoctrination. Yet, their marketing schemes from tax increases to bond issues to direct marketing to alumni is that they are doing everything in the best interest of the children. Based on this marketing scheme, they seek greater largesse from the taxpayers, rising tuition fees, larger endowments, and greater support from their alumni and still they never have enough money. Their marketing scheme is that of the monopolist and the truth is there is no more left wing institution in America today and no more dangerous.

The Environmentalists believe they own the issue of the environment. As such, they seek to manage the enterprise of environmentalism by inventing all-manner of alarmist scenarios based on pseudo science resulting in catastrophic outcomes. Based on their scenarios they portray capitalism and its advocates as the principal enemies of the environment and the reason why these catastrophes will come about. They want people to believe capitalism, limited government, and the American People are raping the environment and we will reap the whirlwind of our ignorance in the future. Environmentalists derive their power, money and media appearances by trafficking in alarmism, rather than sound science.

The Feminists are a class of activists who think they speak for all women about all issues concerning women. They seek to manage the enterprise of feminism toward the idea that America oppresses women through economic, social, and political policy and through the institution of marriage. The Feminists ideology shows ardent support for abortion, gender socialism, homosexuality, appeasement, nihilism, "equal marriage," and economic socialism. They derive their power, money and media appearances by trafficking in guilt and condemnation by implying that gender discrimination is the reason for all consequences.

The Great Technocracy is that class of bureaucrats and politicians charged with the management of government at all levels. It is the technocrats who suggest, legislate, regulate, manage, and spend the tax payers money and wield the power granted them through representative government. They take ownership of State Power and apply it to society based on "public choice and the social good." The Great Technocracy is only as benevolent as the politicians and judges charged with governing it. Large numbers of this class are unionized, members of the Democrat Party, and they seek to protect their positions by pursing impulses of self interest that make their positions and powers increasingly important.

The Great Stereopticon is the mainstream media in this nation and around the world. No longer journalists, the MSM has taken up the bloody banner of advocate for bigger government, cultural and societal debasement and appeasement. There is no greater demonstration of an arrogance of power than in the MSM, which has become little more than the oppositional research arm of the political left in this nation seeking to vilify conservatives at every opportunity. But the Great Stereopticon is not limited to the MSM. It includes media in all of its incarnations, which includes the compilation, analysis and dissemination of information and entertainment. Central to the Great Stereopticon are the motion picture, the radio and the television to augment their propaganda and indoctrination capabilities. They are fully involved and enlisted in the fierce struggle over who will control the means of propagation. They have become little more than public relation practitioners for the American Left seeking the persuasion of the American people to their point-of-view. Based on their rhetoric, their pictures, and their preferences, we know this to be true.

Again we have a class of people, The Homosexuals, who think they alone own the issue of homosexuality and seek to manage the Homosexual enterprise based on creating an image of oppression and discrimination based on sexual orientation. They are so brazen as to make the morally equivalent comparison between their "plight" to the Civil Rights struggle: e.g., they equate the Rainbow Warriors to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference? The Homosexuals ideology is much like the Feminists and the Nihilists. They derive their power, money and media appearances by trafficking in discrimination based on sexual orientation and advocacy of same-sex marriage, now referenced as "equal marriage."

The Nihilists seek to debase or overthrow the existing social values and cultural mores underpinning American society. Their ideology postulates traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and their existence is senseless and useless. They do not believe in objective truth particularly when it comes to moral truths (values). Their doctrine postulates that the social conditions in America were and are so oppressive and corrupt that destruction of the existing social order is desirable. The Nihilists seek total control of the State so they can employ it as their instrument for change or progress (ive). The Nihilists seeks to employ the power of the State as an instrument of radical societal and cultural change. They reject individualism, capitalism, the church, and the family as the basis for society.

The Racialists are that class of activists who think they alone own the issue of race and they seek to manage the enterprise of a Racist America in given situations to provoke accusations of racism. They operate from an ideology to fantasize, manufacture and propagandize the mantra that America is a racist nation. They want people to believe the nation is consumed with keeping Black Americans oppressed and don’t want black people to get ahead. Racialists derive their power, money and media appearances by trafficking in guilt and condemnation by implying that racial discrimination is the reason for all consequences.

The Unionists have abandoned the economic interest of their rank and file membership for politics. Originally, unions were organized for the mutual benefit of their membership but instead they have deteriorated into the destroyer of jobs and exploiter of union dues for the expressed purpose of pursuing left wing activism. While their membership has plunged, their influence in the Democrat Party has remained an important part of that coalition. Despite the fact rank and file union members have voted in larger and larger numbers for conservatives, The Unionists – the leadership - have become increasingly radical in their politics.


It is this coalition making up the Democrat Party. Any honest analysis of this Grand Coalition must conclude they are extremists. Consider the voices of the modern Democrat Party: Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, Cindy Sheehan, Jesse Jackson, the ACLU,, the National Education Association, Planned Parenthood, The National Organization of Women, The Center for American Progress, The New York Times, Washington Post, ABCCBSNBCCNN News, Chris Matthews, Barbara Streisand, Sean Penn and worse.
Now consider the platform of the Grand Coalition of Appeasers, Environmentalists, Educationalists, Feminists, Great Technocracy, Great Stereopticon, Homosexuals, Nihilists, Racialists, and Unionists.

Democrats should put a forth a truthful preamble outlining their basic philosophy.
The modern Democrat Party is a left wing party that believes in protecting and maintaining the socialist poverty they designed, implemented and use to purchase votes.

The modern Democrat Party views no longer conform to Jacksonian or Jeffersonian principles but to the European ideals of Marxian and Keynesian political economy.
The modern Democrat Party want America to become more like Europe, with its socialism, nihilism and appeasement.

The modern Democrat Party will employ the power of the state to criminalize conservatism and classical liberalism.

The modern Democrat Party seeks the total annihilation of hierarchy and distinction through the forces of radical individualism and radical egalitarianism.

The modern Democrat Party champions ‘progressive principles,’ which breeds resentment and works to create envy between individuals and classes of people.

The modern Democrat Party is the ultimate ‘levelers’ placing themselves and the secularized state, between individuals and classes, and between families, churches, markets, governments and the people. These levelers are the foes of classical liberalism (conservatism) and the destroyers of its beliefs and values.

The modern Democrat Party are practitioners of nihilism seeking to bring about a reign of pure democracy that is not seen as an end, but a means to push their nihilistic (radical) cultural and societal changes on the nation.

The modern Democrat Party rejects God and providence and embraces the assumptions of the State and mankind as the guiding light of the future.

The modern Democrat Party’s Contract with America would read as follows:
SOCIALIST POVERTY: Expand the authority of the State to development and take over the health care, public education, welfare, and retirement systems of the United States extending its reaches to cover as many Americans as possible. The Democrats will seek to redistribute the wealth of this nation through these systems.
TAX POLICY: Impose across the board tax rate increases to raise more revenues to fund public and social investment in the nation. Progressives will pass a ‘catastrophe surtax’ on all Americans, so the nation will share in the sacrifice. Democrats will make tax rates more ‘progressive’ on the wealthy and the rich to adequately fund public and social investment projects (redistribution) needed to alleviate the nation’s social problems.
FOREIGN POLICY: Withdraw from Iraq and the War on Terror and extend due process to al Qaeda terrorists. Democrats will seek a restoration of the ‘pre-9/11 equilibrium’ in international affairs with the rest of the world and dispense with the old ideal of American exceptionalism. They believe America is a force for evil in the world and the U.S. deserves to be run out of nations because our current foreign policy is based on the imperialistic forces of exploitation of resources, conquest of lands, and nefarious geopolitical purposes. The U.S. deserves to lose wars and have our bravest killed be they military or civilian because we are the cause of the problems. The U.S. engages in state sanctioned terrorism around the world. The Democrats will turn the defense of the nation over to the United Nations.
JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS: Will appoint judges to make laws from the bench, institutionalize their Faustian vision of comfort as law, and then insulate this ‘institutionalization of the law’ from any public debate.
SOCIAL POLICY: Endorse reverse discrimination, give driver’s license and in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants, extending social welfare to illegal immigrants, and they will continue to NOT defend our borders. Democrats stand in solidarity with their illegal immigrant brothers and sisters.
HOMOSEXUAL RIGHTS: Champion same-sex or equal marriage and ‘special rights’ for homosexuals while seeking to make it a hate crime to judge homosexual behavior based on the Bible or views espoused from the pulpit.
REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: Advocate for abortion on demand, partial birth abortion, embryonic stem-cell research and oppose any attempt at parental notification or teaching abstinence.
CHURCH AND STATE: Drive God from the public square and keep Him out of the schools. Religious expression will be confined to houses of worship or homes only. Democrats will change the Pledge of Allegiance to take the words ‘under God’ out or deny America’s children from repeating it as now written. And of course, Democrats will continue to ‘defend’ the right of flag burning.
ENVIRONMENTALISM: Regulate industry based on the science of environmentalism. Democrats will tax companies for making excessive profits, oppose exploration and development of more oil reserves, and stop the construction of more oil refineries and nuclear power plants. Democrats will stymie drilling for oil, the exploitation of oil shell in the west, oppose the construction of new Nuclear Power Plants, fight construction of hydro-electrical plants, and contravene any efforts to build oil refineries.
FREE SPEECH: Reassess the old notions embodied in the Bill of Rights. Free speech and religious freedom will be denied to groups deemed to be ‘hate groups.’
GUN CONTROL: All guns will be registered with the government and all handguns and other guns deemed "dangerous’ by the State will be confiscated. All aspects of the Bill of Rights will be reconsidered based on the assumptions of the State and their application of the Patriot Act.


At their core, each faction of the coalition seeks socialistic solutions to their "issues," that is, increasing the size and scope of the state over the lives of the American People in support of their claims of victim hood or monopoly power. They are for increasing taxes, regulating industry and expanding the redistributionalist powers of the entitlement-state. They believe in the Great Technocracy (bureaucracy) and the own ‘superior intellect’ of their coalition members rather than the individual.

Despite the reality that we sit on enough oil resources to essentially make ourselves energy independent, we can not exploit these resources because environmentalists and regulators oppose it. They see new exploration and drilling for oil as creating a "greater disaster" according to Hillary Clinton. They are gleeful about higher gasoline prices seeing this development as a way to further their regulatory grip and try and severe the nation’s fossil fuel dependency. In their glee, Democrats are comfortable with the idea that the Great Technocracy should choose winners and losers in life.

The modern Democrat Party seeks to undermine the American family in all of its policy prescriptions. They seek to redefine marriage with their support and endorsement of the homosexual agenda principally same-sex marriage or "equal marriage." How extreme are these people? With respect to the courts, Catherine Crier provides us with a perfect example, "They (the extreme right) seethe over this unelected, independent third branch of government, the last bulwark between the American people and their attempted coup." Crier and her fellow travelers see the American People and their attempt to restore classical liberalism – conservatism - as the principals for directing government as a negative, a coup?

The Grand Coalition has separated religion from education, virtue from character, and morality from judgement. The Educationalists in alliance with the Nihilists have institutionalized and regimented instruction based on the assumptions of the state in order to accomplish its goal of a systematic indoctrination rather than an education.

They seek to propagandize our child with anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, pseudo-science and drown them in the ‘diversity ideology.’ Administrations from the kindergarten level upward, with nudging by the Great Technocracy and Nihilists, demand obedience and devotion to radical egalitarianism. The educational establishment is corrupt with power and arrogance at all levels seeking the destruction of distinction and hierarchy. They are given a monopoly at the elementary, intermediate and secondary levels and then free reign at the university level. They are abhorred when their management of a Soviet-style education system built on political correction, corruption, and ideological favoritism/certification is questioned.

A review of their websites show they are basically on the same page on these and other, even more extreme, issues. They link to each other and support each other in areas where they can. These extremists have become the mainstream of the Democrat Party; their take over of the modern Democrat Party has moved it from a left-of-center party to an extreme left party. Since 2000 and the passage of so-called campaign finance reform, we have witnessed the complete take over of the Democrat Party by the ‘New Left,’ the Port Huron Bolsheviks of the sixties.


If the sampling of their platform is not revealing enough consider the characteristics of this class to better understand their complete disconnect with the American people. Each member of the Grand Coalition arrogantly claims ownership of the respective issue and are the instant expert on any issue. There can be no opposition in their minds because they are the only purveyors of truth about their respective issue. In monopolistic fashion, they yell louder, are constantly on a fundraising binge, and design their marketing schemes around dishonest propaganda to either convince the masses to buy into their product (their issue) or vilify their enemies.

The ideology of the Grand Coalition involves some form of increased estatism regulating commerce, industry, family, individual and their respective relationships within society.
The appeaser seeks to turn the State Department over to the United Nations while converting the military into a social welfare system for the world.
The Environmentalist seeks to completely destroy the industrial base of the United States through regulation and litigation.
The Educationalist wants to indoctrinate our children instead of educating them.
The Feminist seeks to destroy traditional marriage and the family and replace them with ‘equal marriage’ and ‘open families.’
The Great Technocracy is used as the enforcement arm of the Grand Coalition employing democracy not as an end but as a means for imposing radical individualism and radical egalitarianism on the masses.
The Great Stereopticon is the propaganda arm of the Grand Coalition used to soften the masses, confuse their ability to differentiate between ideologies, and convince them that the ways of the coalition, the assumptions of the state, are the wave of the future.
The Homosexual seeks to bring about a new state sanctioned repression based on ‘hate speech’ targeting Christians, Jews, Muslims or anyone else who speaks out against their agenda.
The Nihilist seeks the complete annihilation of God from American and the imposition of paganism on all – a state sanctioned religion.
The Racialist seeks to extort additional finances, create new rights, and expand political powers in order to maintain their welfare plantations rather than liberate their chattels from institutionalized oppression.
The Unionist ignores the rank-in-file membership in pursuit of political power by supporting the Grand Coalition.
No matter the group, they seek to use the power of the state through bureaucratic regulation, legislation, litigation, or executive/judicial fiat to bring about socialist poverty as the solution to every problem facing the nation. This despite the reality a great many of the problems afflicting society were or are the result of the State, e.g., institutionalized racism and oppression was devised and enforced by the State under Democrat Party rule. Today, the modern Democrat Party seeks to implement socialism is a drive to destroy distinction, hierarchy and virtue and establish egotism, materialism and empiricism as the basis for society. The Grand Coalition is determined to brutally hammer society into a unified mass.

They consider their prescriptions of socialist poverty the only legitimate policies that matter and the only ones that should be considered. They do not want an honest and open dialectic concerning the issues. They stifle debate by yelling louder than the opponent and by castigating them as warmongers, polluters, close-minded, sexists, anti-government zealots, biased right-wingers, homophobics, racists and the enemy of the working man or woman. With the help of the Great Stereopticon, conservatives (Classicists) and conservatism (policies) are propagandized as being either criminal or incompetent or intellectually bankrupt.

Conservatives are always casts in a negative light, only seeking an agenda to benefit some individual, company, corporation or some other ‘for-profit’ scheme.

Above all else, they prefer their own interests to the detriment of the truth. They do not care about those they serve or the greater good; it is the issue and the benefits they derive from it. They’re only concerned about the issue and what it will bring them in terms of power. The leaders of this Grand Coalition covet power above all else. Advocacy empowers them with finances, publicity, celebrity, and increased power. These so-called leaders have a vested interest in ensuring there is never a solution to their respective problem. It does not matter whether there is improvement or not, they revel in victimhood and will never be satisfied with the state of their issue, unless they are given complete control, power, and access to the public treasure. There is never enough capitulation for the appeaser; money for the Educationalists; regulations for environmentalists; freedoms for feminists; power for the bureaucrat and politician; propaganda for the Great Stereopticon, perversion for the homosexual, debauchery for the Nihilists, and dues for the Unionists.

They are intellectually dishonest. They claim to be mainstream and representing the great political center of American politics. They want the American People to believe they are avoiding the extremes in pursuit of a middle course between contrarian views. This is puro propaganda.

They hold a deep hatred for their opponents – conservatives or classical liberalism. They do not tolerate different opinions or ways of life. They are openly hostile to opposing views and demonstrate a contemptuous indifference toward conservatives and classicists. They seek a reformation of their opponents to make them over in their own image. The author recalls in graduate school how professors berated the views of any economist they disagreed with. As a student of Ludwig Von Mises and the Austrians, I often carried Mises’ book, Human Actions, with me to read and study. Walking into my Advanced Macroeconomics class, my professor, peering over his glasses and looking at the book, ask, "You don’t really believe that stuff do you?" I answered in the affirmative. My professor, a liberal and dedicated Keynesian, retorted, "Well, we will convert you from such thinking."

But as we saw from their definitions and ideologies:
They are extremists seeking to institutionalize a socialist poverty as the central economic and social policies of the nation;
They believe the rights of man emanate not from God, but from the state and man’s enlightenment;
They covet absolute power over the Great Technocracy (the State) and its direction;
Pure democracy is employed as a means to bring about a radicalized fragmentation of the culture and society;
Political correctness is employed as a means to disavow and cover up truth while forcing dishonesty on society through contrived terms (newspeak) used to describe issues, people and things in America;
They want to impeach the credibility of conservatives and conservatism by portraying their actions as criminal, incompetent and intellectually bankrupt;
They seek to turn the clock back institutionalizing paganism as the new State Religion and nihilism as their guide in determining cultural and social issues; and
Incrementally, they are working to destroy the idea of American exceptionalism, capitalism, private property, the expansion of liberty to all people, representative government, the Church, the family, and the culture and society.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

National Catholic Reporter
Pax Christi
American Friends Service Committee
United Church of Christ
National Council of Churches
There are quite a few of us out here. And we're praying for you.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Thanks for the prayers, anonymous; I can use all I can get!

I assume the point you are making is that there is a Religious Left? That is true. It falls somewhat out of the mainstream of the Left, and is destined to perish at the hands of those whose causes are advanced through liberal efforts. (Don`t believe that Liberalism has any real regard for RL; you`re toast once you`ve served your purpose.)

The Religious Left advances a strong social Gospel, but fails at the fundamental goal of Christianity-the salvation of souls. Too often this primary purpose is shunted aside in favor of fashionable socio-political goals of ``justice`` and ``charity``, neither of which are achieved through human effort.

The salvation of souls requires obedience to the Word of God, requires both the Corporal AND the Spiritual. One cannot ignore certain things and claim to be in obedience to the Lord; adultery, homosexuality, thievery, wrath, etc. are sins, and you are not loving the person by ignoring the sin. Forgiveness requires repentence, and the Religious Left tends to ignore repentence. Their efforts tend to be rooted on this Earth.

Why has the Religious Left been fading for so many years, while the Religious Right has prospered?

We will all pray for you, too!

4:13 PM  

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