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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fueling Iranian Nuclear Ambitions

According to Pravda, the Russians are going forward with a plan to sell nuclear fuel to Iran. It appears their greed, and the grudge they bear the United States for the Cold War, has overcome their good sense, and they are preparing to make Iran into the next nuclear power. Putin and his cronies are prepared to disregard the apocalyptic vision of the Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad, are prepared to allow nukes in the hands of those who would give them to the Chechen rebels, all the while pretending to believe the outrageous lie that Iran needs nuclear power to generate electricity! This is a colossally stupid geopolitical blunder by the Russians, and it will come back to bite them as surely as their alliance with Adolph Hitler prior to the Second World War. In fact, it could wind up costing them more lives in the end.

Here is my favorite quote;

``It will also renew concerns by the West, which accuses Tehran of seeking to enrich uranium in order to build nuclear weapons.``

Uh, Iran has stated plainly that they have the right to develop nuclear weapons, and rejected a U.N. ultimatum to stop enrichment of Uranium back in August.

That the Russians have given themselves over to Dhimmi status is obvious, and that their hatred of America is such that they will risk their own destruction to ``stick it to the Man`` is evidence of a collective mental disturbance. America may have humiliated them by dismantling their world-straddling gulag, but we have never physically harmed them. Do they really believe that the same will hold true for Iran? Don`t they believe that the Ayatollahs will make common cause with the Chechens? Dhimmitude is far worse than allying themselves with the United States.

The galling thing about all of this is that WE have given the Russians the means to knife us in the back; without the Nuclear Cities Initiative to stabilize the Russian nuclear enrichment centers (allowing them to continue to produce enriched nuclear fuel) and the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program in which the United States financed the dismantling of old nuclear weapons-thus freeing up funds to build more modern equipment-the Russians wouldn`t HAVE this fuel to give to our sworn mortal enemy. The material which will be used to build atomic weapons which Iran would use against us comes ultimately from our own goodwill; that`ll teach us to be more careful in the future!

It is patently obvious that Vladimir Putin is not our friend, despite the loving eye gazing between old Puttinoccio and El Diablo (President Bush, for our Venezuelan friends). We should take steps to see that he is ousted. This can be done; everything in Russia is for sale, and the Presidency is no exception. We need to buy ourselves a more friendly (and more democratic) leader of the Rus.

We owe it to our Russian friends as much as to ourselves.



Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Tim, the Russians have a long history of working with and training Muslim terrorists. Mihon Pacepa tells of his involvement in creating the Muslim terrorists in a recent post from Front Page Mag, I believe. It was linked on UT. They are doing this because they want to destroy the U.S., or failing that, they want to once again be part of a powerful block of nations that opposes us. That includes China. China has made the same calculus. They will fight it out between them when the U.S. is defeated. Look out world when Islam, China and Russia go at it tooth and claw. There isn't going to be any Mr. Nice Guy, and the Geneva Conventions will definitely NOT apply. That's when the world will see all out nuclear war. The U.S. does not have the stomach for it.

9:22 PM  

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