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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Orly Taitz Challenges Disgracful New Hampshire Officials

Jack Kemp

In a 57 minute YouTube video, you can see and hear Orly Taitz ask questions of the New Hampshire Secretary of State commissioners and make accusations that not one elected federal official has had the courage to make. Then again, elected officials don't have the free time to fight in court like Mrs. Taitz. ; This video also appeared on the liberal Huffington Post, indicating that perhaps friends of "Hillary...or any other Democrat...for President 2012" may be very interested in greasing the skids under Mr. Obama's credibility and campaign.

Taitz pointed out several times that Obama has a Connecticut Social Security Number - and also pointing out that Obama's good friend Bill Ayers wrote in his book "Fugitive Days" that Ayers used to go to cemetaries to get birth dates of infants who died around the time Ayers was born. Up until fairly recent years, infants weren't issued

Social Security numbers at birth. This earlier practice allowed Ayers to go to the Social Security Administration and file for a SS card with a "valid" birth certificate number. Orly Taitz looked on Federal Databases and could not find a name to go with Obama's Connecticut Social Security number. And Obama supposedly got his first SS card in Hawaii at age 15 - from over six thousand miles away?

Concerning Obama's birth certificate, Taitz presented evidence of poor quality copying. She called Obama's birth certificate a low quality fraud that her three children could create, and possibly better.

Taitz openly states that if the New Hampshire Election Commission allows this fraud to go forward for a man who commands the US nuclear arsenal, the Election Commission will become party "to the most egregious election fraud ever committed against this nation and the people of this nation" and also social security fraud and "you might be complicit to treason." Wow. She said the "T-word." And I thought Ann Coulter had balls.

Taitz pointed out that in order be a high elected federal official, you don't have to go through a background check - but in order to be a janitor in the White House, you have to go through a background check. She further added that is why this Election Commission hearing is so important.

Taitz also attacked Obama's autobiographical claim of having attended Columbia University for two years by producing a record from the Student Clearing House which has him only attending Columbia for nine months.

In a pre-summation, Taitz said, "In your hands, is national security of The United States of America."

I was applauding while sitting at my computer listening to Mrs. Taitz's well documented opening legal arguments.

At 46:28 into the video, Orly Taitz, with her fairly thick Russian accent, asks the New Hampshire Assistant Secretary of State whether she (Taitz), having been born in the Soviet Union, were to bring to the Assistant Secetary a signed piece of paper saying that she was qualified to run for President and give the state official a check for $1000, would the Assistant Secretary then put Orly Taitz on the ballot (to run for President of the US).

The Assistant Secretary of State said that yes, she would do that if there were no challenges. This was, to me, a shocking statement. A woman comes to New Hampshare and sounds like Mrs. Gorbachev with more English lessons and a woman entrusted to uphold the laws of the New Hampshire and the United States Constitution openly admits they she herself would not immediately challenge Mrs. Taitz's attempt to be on the United States Presidential ballot - or at least demand more proof on the spot. The late Lawrence Welk had a German accent because he was born into a German speaking area of the US. One would hope that if Welk had applied in New Hampshire to run for President, they would want to see a birth certificate before the state went to any further bother in processing his application. And, once again, Mrs. Taitz openly admitted in her example that she was admitting up front that was born in the Soviet Union.

This whole dismal event shows exactly how hollow and unworthy these election commissioners really are. And the general demeanor of the Assistant Secretary of State is, in my opinion, tired, hollow and defeated - and matching the general demeaner of the entire committee. Please watch the video, perhaps from the 42 minute mark, to see whether you agree with my assessment.

The officials left the room and returned shortly. The Secretary of State ruled for Obama and against Orly Taitz's challenge. The committee's attorney claimed they only had juristiction on the propriety of the application form itself and they were not empowered to rule on the merits of Orly Taitz's challenge. What a whitewash - not one vote against Obama. Audience members cried out, "Shame! Traitors!"

One hopes the Secretary of State of Virginia, Utah, Alabama or some other state makes a wiser ruling to at least rule on the applicant's qualifications - and rule in Taitz's favor.

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